Locke Park open for all to enjoy …

Locke Park events in 2022
Locke Park has remained open throughout the different lockdowns and restrictions for everyone to enjoy. This is what’s happening in 2022 …

Locke Park café is open and the play equipment areas are in use. Bowling is taking place on the greens and you can join the parkrun and junior parkrun at 9am on each Saturday and Sunday.

Friends of Locke Park are opening Locke Park Tower for visits from 2pm until 4pm on the first Sunday of each month.

Band concerts are taking place, funded by Kingstone Ward Alliance: Sundays between 2pm and 4pm on 12 June, 3 July, 17 July, 14 August and 11 September in 2022.

Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club is running Classic Car events on Sunday 12 June and Sunday 14 August 2022

Race for Life has its Barnsley event in Locke Park on Sunday 3 July in support of Cancer Research 2022

BIADS are running a charity event in Locke Park with stalls on Sunday 17 July 2022.

Barnsley Round Table are organising their bonfire and fireworks in Locke Park on 5th November 2022

Watch out for things happening in Locke Park. There’s often news on social media with events posted on facebook when information is available.

Please remember it’s important for us all to keep social distance and follow other guidance to keep everyone safe.

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